Hey, I'm Ernest.

I create delightful and intuitive human-centered experiences at scale through innovation and product strategy.

About Me

Experience designer based in Nigeria

Over the last 5 years, I’ve worked on a diverse range of products across multiple disciplines from graphics design, website design, User interface design, and code. My multidisciplinary experience alongside my passion for meeting challenges, and problem solving, has helped me approach digital products with a more strategic and holistic view.

Website Design

I have extensive experience using Wordpress, Webflow, HTML/CSS and Bootstrap. I can also deliver high-end e-commerce solutions

UI/UX Design

I research to align design scope, sketch initial concepts, draw wireframes, create prototypes, designing the visuals of the UI and working with developers to make the design a reality.


Happy Clients

“Incredibly talented and easy to work with”


CEO, Unique Mind

“He is one of only a very few handful of designers I’ve ever felt truly comfortable with”

Dr. Oluwole Adebayo

President, PoPan

“Ernest’s work is outstanding, he truly is a master of his craft. He operates with complete professionalism, ensuring the customer is put first. A pleasure to work with.”

Olorunniyo Funmi

Team lead,Haven

"Ernest's approach to design and development ensures a high-quality service with a product to match.”

Kayode Oyinlola

CEO, CLD Studio

Got a project?

In need of a creative designer/developer, you are at the right place at the right time.

Contact me

I’m always happy to make new friends, face new challenges, and have some fun. Feel free to say hi!

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